Operation “Speed Marathon” underway, to last 7 days: Police to control speed limits around the clock

As part of an international campaign to step up speed limits control, which is being carried out in 30 European countries that are members of the ROADPOL organization, the traffic police has started carrying out Operation “Speed Marathon” on Serbian roads. During the campaign, speed will be continuously measured 24 hours a day, said Traffic Police Administration representative Zagorka Cvetkovic.

She added that as part of Speed ​​Marathon, the traffic police will control speed limits with all available hand-held radars, radars installed in video surveillance systems, and with interceptors, while the average speed of vehicles will be measured on highways.

Intensified traffic control, as she pointed out, started on Monday and will last seven days, and during the first two days the traffic police recorded a total of 6,261 speeding offenses and 1,939 other offenses.

Cvetkovic stressed that unadjusted speed is the most common cause of traffic accidents that result in fatalities, and that the number of speeding violations has increased dramatically in recent years.

Despite comprehensive control and a large number of detected violations, a large number of drivers still endanger themselves and other participants in traffic every day by exceeding speed limits, she said, and added that the goal of the campaign is to consistently sanction all drivers who are caught speeding.

“Even a small increase in speed drastically worsens the consequences of a traffic accident. Slow down, save lives!,” said Cvetkovic.


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