Crisis HQ makes three new decisions: June 21 is the key date for them all

The condition is that the vaccination figure in Serbia reaches 50% of the population

A meeting of the Crisis HQ was held on Friday, and a member of its medical part, Zoran Gojkovic, announced what decisions have been made. According to him, the epidemiological situation is still uncertain.

“Less than two weeks have passed since the end of the holidays, and the tendency of a drop in new cases is still good. We are vaccinating between 20,000 and 23,000 citizens of Serbia every day. We have more than 1,700,000 citizens who have received both doses,” he stated.

“We are going with a slightly milder regime of relaxing of measures, we are meeting the request of hairdressers, they can do everything under conditions that are less rigorous than before, we are returning to what was in force before the fall, which is 4 square meters (per person), masks and keeping distance.”

People who are organizing professional gatherings can slowly start preparing for that, the maximum number of participants is up to 100, while all prescribed measures must be respected.

If this intensity of the fall in the number of new cases continues, if we get out of this precarious situation, (we will allow) different types of events for young people. In case of all such tendencies, we will be able to start organizing different types of events related to larger collective gatherings after June 21.

The goal is to vaccinate 50% of citizens of Serbia

“That is strict, and only if we reach 50 percent of the total number of Serbian citizens who have been vaccinated. We have quite enough time for that until June 21, that is six weeks,” said Gojkovic.

“It is necessary only to be in such a situation where the trend is not that of explosive growth, and that the number of vaccinated people continues to increase, so we will talk about that in the coming period, the (vaccination) points are all open,” said Gojkovic when asked if June 21 is when it will once again become possible to organize concerts, and sporting events with fans…

Until now, hairdressers had to work under very restrictive conditions, Gojkovic mentioned, the number of people in salons can now be higher. Graduation parties will also be possible after June 21. Gojkovic urged young people aged between 16 and 18 to get vaccinated, because, as he said, everything is in our hands.

Gojkovic also said that the HQ today did not talk or think about the possibility of organizing an experimental concert.

The latest report

In the last 24 hours in Serbia, 787 out of the 12,514 people who got tested were positive for coronavirus, while 17 people died. 101 patients are currently on vetilators.

901 new cases were registered in Serbia on Thursday, along with 18 deaths, while 98 patients were on ventilators.

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