3 criminal complaints against fake surgeon from Belgrade: Patients publicly show their disfigurement

Savo Knežević, Dr Suavage

Sava K. / Photo: ATA images

It has been confirmed for Telegraf. rs that three criminal complaints have been filed against Sava K. (23), who has been described as a masseur who performed cosmetic interventions in his allegedly illegal office located in the very center of Belgrade, leaving patients dissatisfied and medical professionals protesting against unprofessionalism.

“The First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade is acting on three criminal complaints filed by the injured parties against S.K. for committing the criminal offense of medical quackery under Article 254 of the Criminal Code. In order to verify the allegations from the criminal complaints and determine the factual situation, a request has been sent to collect the necessary information to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, the Criminal Police (UKP) First Department, and after the checks, the prosecution will proceed with the case and make a decision,” the prosecution’s response to our query stated.

As patients who have publicly expressed dissatisfaction by attaching photos showing the scarring and damaged tissue have already said, some of them had their belly fat removed and used as facial filler. After that, the abdomen of one of the patients who spoke about this was left bumpy, while her face became inflamed and festered, after which she had to undergo urgent surgery under total anesthesia.

There were also people who experienced unsuccessful lip augmentation surgery. Instead of hyaluronic acid, Katarina Lijovic claims that a biopolymer was injected into her lips. In order to correct what happened, she underwent 15 further surgeries, while a surgeon from Zagreb said that he had not seen such a thing before, and that it looked like “something scraped off the grill and put into the mouth and muscles,” Prva TV was told.

On the same occasion Dr. Milan Colic, a general surgery specialist and director of a special hospital for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, told the outlet that social networks have become so ingrained in everyday life that it’s easy to place a fake ad, and warned that fraudulent services costs a lot. He also said that biopolymers are unsafe, and registered (for use) only in the countries of the region, which he considers to be wrong.

Allegations that Sava K. worked with his mother, who is a florist, have also been reported.

His surgery in Belgrade has allegedly existed and worked for five years.

Regarding this case, we also addressed the Ministry of the Interior, but have not receive a reply so far.

Fake doctor is gone?

After the affair broke out, the door of the office has been locked for several days, and the plaque in front of it has been removed. The media report that according to next door neighbors the equipment has also been moved out of the office, while the fake doctor has disappeared.

According to allegations, the Medical Chamber has confirmed that there is no doctor with this name and last name in their register, saying that people should pay attention to the age of an alleged doctor, because postgraduate training and practice last a long time, so a 23-year-old cannot be a specialist.


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